Previously known as a Periodic Inspection Report, the EICR or Electrical Condition Report is carried out to determine the current condition of electrical systems in terms of their design and safety.

Also known as fixed wire testing, the EICR comprises of the test and inspection of your entire electrical system either in your home or place of work.

During the test each circuits cable and accessories ie sockets, switches, light fittings etc will be inspected for visual damage, wear and tear etc before the wiring on each circuit undergoes a series of tests to ensure it has been wired correctly.

The test also checks items are earthed, incoming supply is sufficient and that they have been bonded.  Once completed a EICR report is produced and will be sent to you either electronically or bound paper copy.  This report will state whether the installation is satisfactory or unsatisfactory and in the case of unsatisfactory or if any observations have been found will have a list detailing any recommendations or work which will need to be carried out for your installation to comply with current regulations.


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